Thursday, April 15, 2010


so, guess what!?!? today, i am starting a gymnastics class.
no, i am not 12, i am 25. but it's an adult gymnastics class!
i am not new to gymnastics, i took gymnastics when i was little, and then from middle school through 1st year of college i took tumbling classes because i was a cheerleader. however, that means it has been 6 years and 20 pounds since i tried to do a flip of any kind.
and this is actually gymnastics, so that means beam, vault, bars... things i have not done in probably 20 years. it may sound crazy, but i'm excited. and at least one day a week i will be getting some exercise (yeah, that resolution to work out didn't work so great).
so, wish me luck! and hopefully i don't hurt myself. i am what you may call a klutz. i broke my right arm three times within a two year period when i was a child, and sometimes i fall down for no reason. at my wedding, i tripped on the stairs and had a huge welt on my arm before anything even started. like i said, klutz.

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