Wednesday, September 21, 2011

what i want wednesday!

i know i have an unhealthy obsession with wood - trees, branches, woodgrain... but i can't help it! i like what i like people! so this edition of what i want wednesday is more woodsy things- mostly from etsy!

wood modern silver vase slats jalexstudios etsy
Levi Modern Vase by jalexstudios on etsy - love the contrasting wood but that it's still modern at the same time.
embroidery hoop punch birch tree decoration erinf115 etsy
Birch Tree Embroidery Hoop by erinf115 on etsy - would be so cute in my living room

chalkboard cards with screenprinted faux bois turquoise etsy
Woodgrain Chalkboard Cards from UrbanBirdandCo on etsy - and they come with chalk so you can write your own message! how fun!
felt woodgrain purse handbag faux bois
Felt Woodgrain Handbag by Faux Bois - pricey but oh so pretty!

west elm tree stump resin side table white
I know it's not nice to tease you with things that are no longer available, but this resin tree stump table used to be at West Elm. 

 I just have to share a story- about a year ago we needed to have a tree cut down because it was really close to our house and it was basically dead, but I had all these grand ideas - I'll make a stump table! I'll make little candle holders! I'll make clocks out of slices of wood! So I had my husband get the tree-cutters to leave all the wood there (this was a pretty giant tree too, btw) and I even had him cut pieces into 1.5" slices so I could make my clocks.... it turns out that when a tree is dead and has holes in it and the bark is all nasty... there's just no way to make usable pieces.  Well, I'm sure maybe there is, but I couldn't figure it out.  And now, I've got a million tree stumps all sitting out behind my house, isn't that nice? And just in case you're in need of some "tree slices", I happen to have found some at Dick Blick for my clock project... which I never completed. I do that a lot.  oops.

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