Thursday, October 27, 2011


Just finished a big project at work- a price book that normally takes a couple weeks but got dragged on for over two months.  so that was fun.  at least it's done.  now i'm gearing up for halloween! my favorite holiday!  we always dress up as a group in my department at work (I work at a chemical company so this year we're all dressing up as different chemicals!) so that will be for Monday.  My husband and I are going to a halloween party for a couple hours on Saturday - instead of our football game - we have to stay close to home since my dog just had surgery and we can't leave him alone for the 7-8 hours we would probably be gone for football.  we're dressing up as the Spartans Cheerleaders from SNL for our party.

I bought our costumes online, and I just have to say, costumes are way too expensive considering the poor quality with which they are made.  The skirt and pants don't even have waistbands, they have a thin band of elastic.  hmm I just thought about something- I need some Keds to finish off my costume.  A thrift store visit might be in my future.

I'm feeling like today should be Friday... this week needs to hurry up and end.  

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