Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random thoughts of the day...

Hi everyone! How was everyone's weekend? My bff Lindsey and her husband Matt came to visit (they attended a wedding on Friday night, so they stayed with us).  You saw my pic from Friday night- we played whirlyball! And boy am I sore! My husband has serious bruises on his foot and his stomach.
Here's a video if you've never heard of Whirlyball- you are basically in bumpercars playing basketball with little scoops and a plastic ball.

It's pretty crazy and REALLY HARD to score, but it was a good time.  There's a bar right next to the court, and what is interesting is that as everyone drank more, we got better at whirlyball.... coincidence? I think not!

Since my friend was in town, we went out to dinner a couple times - Twisted Taco and Ippolito's - and played Cranium!!! and some Wii bowling and tennis.

And my husband and I crammed in the entire 3rd season of True Blood in 2 days and watched the 4th season premiere on Sunday... I've read all the Southern Vampire Series books, and they are taking serious liberties with the story, but I think it's an interesting twist that it jumped forward a year.   I think it'll be interesting that Bill is now the snooty politician, and I sooo hope they'll go ahead and let Sookie & Eric start their love story! 

So, that was my weekend... has anyone else played whirlyball? And what did you think about True Blood?

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