Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boring BM Dresses? I Think Not!

so... we here in prissland are totally not on board with the david's bridal-esque line of thinking about your maids' dresses. it is NOT ok to make your girls get a long dress that they will never (ever) wear again. the line "you can just get it cut short after the wedding" is used waaaay too often, and i swear there is no way anyone ever goes out and spends an extra $30 on top of the $150 they just paid to then go and get the (heinous) dress made short, what's the point if it was icky to begin with? i just have issues with long dresses... unless you are some high society housewife going to fundraisers or benefits, when in your life (after college formals) will you ever need a long dress again? (ok unless its a cute casual long dress... but that's no good for weddings...)

so, my solution? let them help pick out dresses. don't be so (controlling) concerned...you want people to be looking at you anyway. (which does NOT give you a free pass to make them wear puke brown dresses so they'll blend in with the walls.) (eww.) don't make them spend $200 on a solid color long boring dress. look at BM dresses as a way to add to the decor of the room and the theme of the day. want a retro-feel? let your maids get vintage tea-length dresses that they can dance the night away in. want a girly fun party? go with the polka dotty fun dress! want a sophisticated trendy soiree? how about the shimmery dress (with pockets!!!! AHHH! and i love love love the back) or the belted dress with the funky but awesome ruffly collar? for outdoor weddings with a sunny feel, rock the super-cute yellow dress with flower sash! (and yellow is SO in this season.)

(clockwise from top left: 50's Style Black Satin from Blue Velvet Vintage, $114.99. XOXO Printed Tube Dress from Macy's, on sale for $51.75. BR Monogram silk embroidered dress from Banana Republic, $250.00. Silk Dress with Flower Sash from Ann Taylor, $199.00. Belted Ruffle Dress from Neiman Marcus, $240.00.)

above all, just pick something you know your BM's will look (and feel) good in, respect their monetary issues, and DO NOT under any circumstances make them wear a shapeless solid-color blob that they will never wear again. seriously. yay!