Tuesday, August 25, 2009

almost football time!

fall is seriously my favorite time of year. i love the weather and just the way i feel, like it brings back good memories that i can't pinpoint but that make me feel happy and excited and refreshed.

part of that happy feeling is football time! i went to georgia tech, and while we may not be the biggest football school in the middle of the SEC & ACC south, we still know how to have a good time.

i was going to make a treasury on etsy to celebrate the upcoming season, but since i can never snag one and they're so short-lived anyway, i have decided to make a little "my-favorites" blog!

so here they are, my pics for yellow jacket football season!

necklace by thesilverdog
(update: after looking at my own blog for a few minutes, i decided i could not live without the beautiful necklace above, so i bought it! but you can still check out her other awesome necklaces at her shop!)

tote by bebeandalice

bowtie by butteredtoast

clutch by girlbyaileen

jacket by joannagoanna

necklace by orangepoppy

scarf by beautifulbridget
makeup case by ruju

earrings by scorpienna

yay to all the awesome people who made all these super cute things!

Monday, August 24, 2009

she would...

of course, i ask the question who would wear these hideous shoes, and lo and behold, the answer is lindsay lohan. of course.
ok so they aren't exactly the same, these actually have laces! (which, i think, might make them worse)
on a side note, does she have on white tights, or are her legs just really that white? doesn't she have a line of tanning spray she should be promoting?
the pic is from people.com, & i'm prob not supposed to use it, so hopefully i don't get arrested or something.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

trying to get "out there"

so, yes, starting this blog was initially about making fun of things we thought were dumb, and pointing out things that are awesome.
i guess if i want people to like me, and get my work out there so i can sell some art & meet cool people, then i probably shouldn't make fun of people.
although, sometimes i just can't help myself. but i swear i'll try to be nice. (sometimes, haha)

anyway, so a quick note about my etsy treasury, sorry but after two days it expires then it is lost forever. so although it doesn't work anymore, i'm gonna keep the post there to remind me of my first treasury! i still have the draft saved so maybe i'll make a "myfavorites" list that will be more permanent, and i can give little shoutouts to the artists.

anyway, so i was reading my google reader just now and saw a post from decorology about artquiver.

i took a little quiz and gives you like 80 paintings that it thinks match your style.
although i didn't like ALL of the art it gave me, i did like a few a lot. here are my favorites:

The Shaman's Dance by Lisa Mishler

They Float by Troy Viss

Urban Legend #12 by Daniel Stuelpnagel
The Reporting of Events by Greg Minah
i don't have the dollars to buy these awesome artworks (i'll stick to the etsy for my artwork) but i would love some comparable options.

yay! back to work... booo

Friday, August 14, 2009

a day of etsy firsts!

i have successfully created my first etsy treasury... it's like a "look what i found" kinda thing...
check it out! http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=76298
Hopefully this will help lead to another etsy first- an actual sale haha!

first blog shoutout!

so, i have been doing etsy now for 14 days, i have 6 things for sale, (working on more!) and i just got my first shoutout on a blog! check it out! thanks alicia! http://www.aliciasfavoritethings.blogspot.com
also, check out her etsy shop - http://www.anycards.etsy.com/

Saturday, August 1, 2009

i actually did it!

ok so... usually i flake out on things, but this time i actually did it, i actually carried through with something! i've been saying forever i want to actually do something tangible to sell on etsy, & tonight i finally put some stuff on my site, http://www.prissdesigns.etsy.com/! right now it's just some paintings/mixed media works, but i think graphics is def. the way to go, especially considering the fact that graphics is my job... speaking of jobs, i'm currently super busy until next weekend when we have our semi-annual company meeting, and then the hubby & i are going camping! we got one of those huge tents from my mom as a wedding gift, and never thought we would actually use it, but now we get the chance! so this weekend, we get to go look for an air mattress (and since hubby lubby hates to shop, it's a good excuse to get him to go to target with me...!)

ok it's super late on the east coast... check out my etsy shop... more stuff tomorrow! i've made about 7 things so far to go in my shop but i've only taken pics of 3, and it's my goal for the weekend to put everything on the shop... and of course i've got to read all the tips to figure out how to actually get people to go to my shop... so tell your friends!