Monday, February 8, 2010

state of the union (or, of my resolutions)

There's been a little bit of progression with my resolutions, so I figured I'd post an update.

start writing in a journal or online to get more comfortable with my writing style, and then start writing my book, and not quit after 2 weeks, i will write at least 10 pages every other day.
well, i've come up with a couple ideas for some books and have written some notes, and I wrote about half a page of the beginning of a story, but so far I haven't stuck with my 10 pages every other day. haven't done any extra writing.

work out at least 30 minutes 4 times per week. drink more water. quit spending so much money on lunch, eat lean cuisines. take my dog for more walks.
i actually have been working out (3 times last week) and since my car is broken and my husband has been driving me to work every day, i have no choice other than eating lean cuisines and not spending money! yay! and as a side note, i love my dog and wish we were doing more walks but it has been freezing and raining a lot lately. i know, excuses, excuses...

travel somewhere new that requires a plane (hopefully nyc or ireland), also i want to go somewhere with my mom & encourage her to do something exciting in life
my mom and i have planned a trip to go to savannah at the beginning of march! no planes required, which means i guess i need to get my car fixed, but it's something!

take a class for something artsy & crafty, like painting or jewelry making
umm nothing on the horizon for this at the moment.

start reading to expand my knowledge: three things that i want to learn about are: religion, current events (i will read parts of the newspaper i never even glanced at before), and science
well, no newspapers, but i am 1/3 of the way through pride and prejudice, which i have tried to read before but could never get into, and this time i actually am enjoying it!