Thursday, June 25, 2009

ideeli, anyone?

so, i'm hoping everyone has heard about ideeli... it's like a club, because you can invite your friends, but you don't have to pay membership dues. and they have some super cute clothes (some not so cute, but hey, to each her own) that are ALL. ON. SALE.
i made my first ideeli purchase yesterday... this navy & gold embroidered dress by abs (can you say game day? go jackets!)So, anyway, I'm super excited, the zoom view shows how cute the gold thread embroidered flowers are, and up close they'll be a lot more noticeable. i'm not usually a dress girl, but this dress may change that... $45 for a $230 dress (the 45 includes shipping) is a great deal.

sooooo, if you wanna be in my club, click here to sign up for ideeli! yay!

Monday, June 22, 2009

to diy, or not to diy....

so, i diy'ed my wedding invites. i just couldn't find anything that was "me", ya know? i had a winter wedding with lots of branches, and i couldn't find anything that went with my theme. so, i spent a million hours putting together my invites, because i decided since i was doing them, i could make an invite that was 3 pages, and hammer in rivets in the top corner to hold everything together (1st page invite, 2nd page map- which took FOREVER to make- 3rd page hotel info & directions).
i'm not sure that was the best idea.
because now that it's over, i find invites everywhere that i am absolutely in love with and that probably would've been cheaper than my 3 page-ness, in addition to my rsvp cards.

enter wedding paper divas.
probably the coolest invites around for the last few years. loves them!
I would love love love to have any of these invites...that last one's pic can be customized, and i would so have put my little tree logo and gotten it in blue!

p.s. if you are engaged, i would recommend having a super long engagement so you get to linger in your wedding-ness as long as possible.
i'm so jealous i don't get to have another wedding!

top to bottom: happy branch, echoed dots, twin blooms.

Monday, June 15, 2009

splish! splash!

...i was takin a bath...

ok, not really, but i might as well be, considering how much it has been raining here lately.
but it's been effing HOT. & normal raincoats just simply do not work for the heat.
and it got me thinking that i seriously need to consider getting a raincoat that's super cute and lightweight for summer.
and a short time of slacking off at work googling later, i have discovered some awesome lightweight, short-sleeve waterproof goodness!

Left to right: Gardenia Coral Zip Jacket by Moncler, on sale at S Sense for $384 (apparently it's normally $767, i dunno who would pay that for a spring raincoat, but hey, to each her own.) Silver "Sass" Jacket (I really just like the name Sass) by Andrew Marc, on sale for $140 at Yellow jacket by PINKO at YOOX, $375. (Also available in super cute hot pink but it must be sold out...)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

o. m. g.

ok so.... no one should wear these. i don't care how "in" gladiator sandals are. seriously. just don't do it. who would spend $700 on these hideous creations?
instead, find classic pieces that will look good in 10 years, and accessorize and mix and match your wardrobe to make it "now". There are some trends that I pray die soon and fast. that is all.

ugly boots by anna sui, if you actually like them you can buy them here.