Thursday, June 25, 2009

ideeli, anyone?

so, i'm hoping everyone has heard about ideeli... it's like a club, because you can invite your friends, but you don't have to pay membership dues. and they have some super cute clothes (some not so cute, but hey, to each her own) that are ALL. ON. SALE.
i made my first ideeli purchase yesterday... this navy & gold embroidered dress by abs (can you say game day? go jackets!)So, anyway, I'm super excited, the zoom view shows how cute the gold thread embroidered flowers are, and up close they'll be a lot more noticeable. i'm not usually a dress girl, but this dress may change that... $45 for a $230 dress (the 45 includes shipping) is a great deal.

sooooo, if you wanna be in my club, click here to sign up for ideeli! yay!

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