Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I am featured in an etsy treasury of super fun woodsy things (which is so totally me, i love it!)

Thanks to Brydferth for including me! Check her out here.

Friday, November 13, 2009

MIA, i know

yeah, so, i've been a little m.i.a. lately, hey, it happens...
made another sale in my etsy shop yesterday! to someone in atlanta, so now i'm a local celebrity! haha jk.this one! (isn't she cute?)

and i'm working on a few new ones that hopefully i'll post this weekend. i haven't posted any new stuff in a while, i haven't felt like being crafty, just being bored.

i just ordered the "wreck this journal" book, i'm really excited, especially after seeing all the cool stuff other people have done in the flickr "wreck this journal" group.

take a look at some of these awesome ones:
1 2 3 4 5

on another note, madame white is getting a new job! but then she told me she's planning on moving away for a few years (this will be in like 4/5 yrs probably, but still) and that makes me sad.
does anyone wanna be my friend?
i should find exciting things to do. cuz i'm bored.

oh well. guess i'll go to lunch.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I used wishlistr.com to make a wishlist! Now I feel the need to just check random sites all day to see if there may be something I like to add to my wishlist. Click on the link to see all the exciting things I want!
My wishlist

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's Fall, Y'All! Ga Etsy Team Weekend Sale!

It's Finally Here! The 3rd Annual GA Etsy Street Team's:
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Celebrating Fall- Southern Style!

If you're online October 9-11th, you'll be in the area to visit the Georgia Etsy Street Team's Fall Sale! (search "all items" for GAetsyteam, or Itsfallyall).

Among the over one million handmade artisans who call Etsy home are some 300 here in Georgia, creating wonderful products with their Southern charm! Visit the Georgia Etsy Street Team members on Etsy to find clothing, handbags, Mommy products, kids stuff, home decor, bath and body, beauty, candles, custom blended tea, pet products, Georgia team sports items, accessories, jewelry, fused glass and stained glass, fiber goods and textiles, fine art and folk art and lots of other great products that my senile mind can't remember at the moment!

We have a few sales a year, but it's neat to have a whole team participate, because you just do one search and find thousands of great items from hundreds of crafters and artists! Now is a great time to begin your Christmas shopping experience! When you browse like this, you find all kinds of beautiful, irresistible goodies and oodles of practical ones too!..plus, you often find things you will find no where else on earth! See, handmade is never mass produced, so each item is special and unique! Give yourself and your friends the gift of handmade!

Don't forget to visit Etsy this coming weekend and support one microcosm of handmade happiness! (I'll be there, too!)

P.s. This ad backdrop with the falling leaves was lovingly painted by Rebecca Salcedo (smellyrhinostudio) and the wicked graphics were layered by Maria Allen (Kartu Graphics)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st etsy sale!

i am so so so excited! someone just bought one of my paintings! very first sale! i'm not quite sure what to do now, i was totally not prepared, i guess because i didn't wanna get my hopes up. so now i have to go find packaging to mail my painting to canada! (and hope that i don't end up losing money on shipping since i didn't make my shipping cost very high.)
my husband says now i am officially an artist and we can start looking for a loft in SoHo (by the way, we live in atlanta, ga).
so anyway, super excited! and now i am going to make more of that style artwork because it seems to be the one people like...
yay 1st sale! now i'll go back to concentrating on work.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

busy, busy weekend!

so, my mom came into town on thursday for taylor swift and kellie pickler!
then on friday we went shopping, and on saturday was FOOTBALL! and we WON! YAY!kellie pickler

taylor swift!

football! go jackets!

i also got a chance to do a new painting this weekend, check it out!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

new paintings!

so, finally posted paintings the madame and i did forever ago, check them out!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

almost football time!

fall is seriously my favorite time of year. i love the weather and just the way i feel, like it brings back good memories that i can't pinpoint but that make me feel happy and excited and refreshed.

part of that happy feeling is football time! i went to georgia tech, and while we may not be the biggest football school in the middle of the SEC & ACC south, we still know how to have a good time.

i was going to make a treasury on etsy to celebrate the upcoming season, but since i can never snag one and they're so short-lived anyway, i have decided to make a little "my-favorites" blog!

so here they are, my pics for yellow jacket football season!

necklace by thesilverdog
(update: after looking at my own blog for a few minutes, i decided i could not live without the beautiful necklace above, so i bought it! but you can still check out her other awesome necklaces at her shop!)

tote by bebeandalice

bowtie by butteredtoast

clutch by girlbyaileen

jacket by joannagoanna

necklace by orangepoppy

scarf by beautifulbridget
makeup case by ruju

earrings by scorpienna

yay to all the awesome people who made all these super cute things!

Monday, August 24, 2009

she would...

of course, i ask the question who would wear these hideous shoes, and lo and behold, the answer is lindsay lohan. of course.
ok so they aren't exactly the same, these actually have laces! (which, i think, might make them worse)
on a side note, does she have on white tights, or are her legs just really that white? doesn't she have a line of tanning spray she should be promoting?
the pic is from people.com, & i'm prob not supposed to use it, so hopefully i don't get arrested or something.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

trying to get "out there"

so, yes, starting this blog was initially about making fun of things we thought were dumb, and pointing out things that are awesome.
i guess if i want people to like me, and get my work out there so i can sell some art & meet cool people, then i probably shouldn't make fun of people.
although, sometimes i just can't help myself. but i swear i'll try to be nice. (sometimes, haha)

anyway, so a quick note about my etsy treasury, sorry but after two days it expires then it is lost forever. so although it doesn't work anymore, i'm gonna keep the post there to remind me of my first treasury! i still have the draft saved so maybe i'll make a "myfavorites" list that will be more permanent, and i can give little shoutouts to the artists.

anyway, so i was reading my google reader just now and saw a post from decorology about artquiver.

i took a little quiz and gives you like 80 paintings that it thinks match your style.
although i didn't like ALL of the art it gave me, i did like a few a lot. here are my favorites:

The Shaman's Dance by Lisa Mishler

They Float by Troy Viss

Urban Legend #12 by Daniel Stuelpnagel
The Reporting of Events by Greg Minah
i don't have the dollars to buy these awesome artworks (i'll stick to the etsy for my artwork) but i would love some comparable options.

yay! back to work... booo

Friday, August 14, 2009

a day of etsy firsts!

i have successfully created my first etsy treasury... it's like a "look what i found" kinda thing...
check it out! http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=76298
Hopefully this will help lead to another etsy first- an actual sale haha!

first blog shoutout!

so, i have been doing etsy now for 14 days, i have 6 things for sale, (working on more!) and i just got my first shoutout on a blog! check it out! thanks alicia! http://www.aliciasfavoritethings.blogspot.com
also, check out her etsy shop - http://www.anycards.etsy.com/

Saturday, August 1, 2009

i actually did it!

ok so... usually i flake out on things, but this time i actually did it, i actually carried through with something! i've been saying forever i want to actually do something tangible to sell on etsy, & tonight i finally put some stuff on my site, http://www.prissdesigns.etsy.com/! right now it's just some paintings/mixed media works, but i think graphics is def. the way to go, especially considering the fact that graphics is my job... speaking of jobs, i'm currently super busy until next weekend when we have our semi-annual company meeting, and then the hubby & i are going camping! we got one of those huge tents from my mom as a wedding gift, and never thought we would actually use it, but now we get the chance! so this weekend, we get to go look for an air mattress (and since hubby lubby hates to shop, it's a good excuse to get him to go to target with me...!)

ok it's super late on the east coast... check out my etsy shop... more stuff tomorrow! i've made about 7 things so far to go in my shop but i've only taken pics of 3, and it's my goal for the weekend to put everything on the shop... and of course i've got to read all the tips to figure out how to actually get people to go to my shop... so tell your friends!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

get out there and be somebody!

ok so, since graduating from college i have been so uninspired. i keep telling myself to figure out what i want to do, what i am passionate about. i want to do something creative, and eventually be able to work for myself.
so this weekend, me & the madame are gonna play around with some art and maybe i'll post some pics, depending on the outcome.
then you can ask me "is this sh** serious" instead of me asking it of things i think are ridiculous.

we'll see how it turns out.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

doggy planes?

ok, so.... seriously people? i love my dog more than anything. swear. but this is just a little ridiculous.

Pet airways (http://petairways.com) is an airline. for. dogs. (or cats... and apparently soon even reptiles, piggies, and any pet you want). i just saw it on my dailycandy this morning and i had to laugh.

i mean, ok, i get it, you don't want to make your dog ride with the luggage. you don't want him to be cooped up in his crate for 8 hours. i totally understand.

but really? paying $200 for a one-way trip just so he gets put in a crate in the cabin of an airplane instead of underneath? you have got to be kidding me.
p.s. this pic is from petairways.com, and i really doubt your dog will have a red carpet and personal dog-walker. that's all.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

ideeli, anyone?

so, i'm hoping everyone has heard about ideeli... it's like a club, because you can invite your friends, but you don't have to pay membership dues. and they have some super cute clothes (some not so cute, but hey, to each her own) that are ALL. ON. SALE.
i made my first ideeli purchase yesterday... this navy & gold embroidered dress by abs (can you say game day? go jackets!)So, anyway, I'm super excited, the zoom view shows how cute the gold thread embroidered flowers are, and up close they'll be a lot more noticeable. i'm not usually a dress girl, but this dress may change that... $45 for a $230 dress (the 45 includes shipping) is a great deal.

sooooo, if you wanna be in my club, click here to sign up for ideeli! yay!

Monday, June 22, 2009

to diy, or not to diy....

so, i diy'ed my wedding invites. i just couldn't find anything that was "me", ya know? i had a winter wedding with lots of branches, and i couldn't find anything that went with my theme. so, i spent a million hours putting together my invites, because i decided since i was doing them, i could make an invite that was 3 pages, and hammer in rivets in the top corner to hold everything together (1st page invite, 2nd page map- which took FOREVER to make- 3rd page hotel info & directions).
i'm not sure that was the best idea.
because now that it's over, i find invites everywhere that i am absolutely in love with and that probably would've been cheaper than my 3 page-ness, in addition to my rsvp cards.

enter wedding paper divas.
probably the coolest invites around for the last few years. loves them!
I would love love love to have any of these invites...that last one's pic can be customized, and i would so have put my little tree logo and gotten it in blue!

p.s. if you are engaged, i would recommend having a super long engagement so you get to linger in your wedding-ness as long as possible.
i'm so jealous i don't get to have another wedding!

top to bottom: happy branch, echoed dots, twin blooms.

Monday, June 15, 2009

splish! splash!

...i was takin a bath...

ok, not really, but i might as well be, considering how much it has been raining here lately.
but it's been effing HOT. & normal raincoats just simply do not work for the heat.
and it got me thinking that i seriously need to consider getting a raincoat that's super cute and lightweight for summer.
and a short time of slacking off at work googling later, i have discovered some awesome lightweight, short-sleeve waterproof goodness!

Left to right: Gardenia Coral Zip Jacket by Moncler, on sale at S Sense for $384 (apparently it's normally $767, i dunno who would pay that for a spring raincoat, but hey, to each her own.) Silver "Sass" Jacket (I really just like the name Sass) by Andrew Marc, on sale for $140 at Bluefly.com. Yellow jacket by PINKO at YOOX, $375. (Also available in super cute hot pink but it must be sold out...)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

o. m. g.

ok so.... no one should wear these. i don't care how "in" gladiator sandals are. seriously. just don't do it. who would spend $700 on these hideous creations?
instead, find classic pieces that will look good in 10 years, and accessorize and mix and match your wardrobe to make it "now". There are some trends that I pray die soon and fast. that is all.

ugly boots by anna sui, if you actually like them you can buy them here.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boring BM Dresses? I Think Not!

so... we here in prissland are totally not on board with the david's bridal-esque line of thinking about your maids' dresses. it is NOT ok to make your girls get a long dress that they will never (ever) wear again. the line "you can just get it cut short after the wedding" is used waaaay too often, and i swear there is no way anyone ever goes out and spends an extra $30 on top of the $150 they just paid to then go and get the (heinous) dress made short, what's the point if it was icky to begin with? i just have issues with long dresses... unless you are some high society housewife going to fundraisers or benefits, when in your life (after college formals) will you ever need a long dress again? (ok unless its a cute casual long dress... but that's no good for weddings...)

so, my solution? let them help pick out dresses. don't be so (controlling) concerned...you want people to be looking at you anyway. (which does NOT give you a free pass to make them wear puke brown dresses so they'll blend in with the walls.) (eww.) don't make them spend $200 on a solid color long boring dress. look at BM dresses as a way to add to the decor of the room and the theme of the day. want a retro-feel? let your maids get vintage tea-length dresses that they can dance the night away in. want a girly fun party? go with the polka dotty fun dress! want a sophisticated trendy soiree? how about the shimmery dress (with pockets!!!! AHHH! and i love love love the back) or the belted dress with the funky but awesome ruffly collar? for outdoor weddings with a sunny feel, rock the super-cute yellow dress with flower sash! (and yellow is SO in this season.)

(clockwise from top left: 50's Style Black Satin from Blue Velvet Vintage, $114.99. XOXO Printed Tube Dress from Macy's, on sale for $51.75. BR Monogram silk embroidered dress from Banana Republic, $250.00. Silk Dress with Flower Sash from Ann Taylor, $199.00. Belted Ruffle Dress from Neiman Marcus, $240.00.)

above all, just pick something you know your BM's will look (and feel) good in, respect their monetary issues, and DO NOT under any circumstances make them wear a shapeless solid-color blob that they will never wear again. seriously. yay!