Monday, June 15, 2009

splish! splash!

...i was takin a bath...

ok, not really, but i might as well be, considering how much it has been raining here lately.
but it's been effing HOT. & normal raincoats just simply do not work for the heat.
and it got me thinking that i seriously need to consider getting a raincoat that's super cute and lightweight for summer.
and a short time of slacking off at work googling later, i have discovered some awesome lightweight, short-sleeve waterproof goodness!

Left to right: Gardenia Coral Zip Jacket by Moncler, on sale at S Sense for $384 (apparently it's normally $767, i dunno who would pay that for a spring raincoat, but hey, to each her own.) Silver "Sass" Jacket (I really just like the name Sass) by Andrew Marc, on sale for $140 at Yellow jacket by PINKO at YOOX, $375. (Also available in super cute hot pink but it must be sold out...)

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