Monday, June 22, 2009

to diy, or not to diy....

so, i diy'ed my wedding invites. i just couldn't find anything that was "me", ya know? i had a winter wedding with lots of branches, and i couldn't find anything that went with my theme. so, i spent a million hours putting together my invites, because i decided since i was doing them, i could make an invite that was 3 pages, and hammer in rivets in the top corner to hold everything together (1st page invite, 2nd page map- which took FOREVER to make- 3rd page hotel info & directions).
i'm not sure that was the best idea.
because now that it's over, i find invites everywhere that i am absolutely in love with and that probably would've been cheaper than my 3 page-ness, in addition to my rsvp cards.

enter wedding paper divas.
probably the coolest invites around for the last few years. loves them!
I would love love love to have any of these invites...that last one's pic can be customized, and i would so have put my little tree logo and gotten it in blue!

p.s. if you are engaged, i would recommend having a super long engagement so you get to linger in your wedding-ness as long as possible.
i'm so jealous i don't get to have another wedding!

top to bottom: happy branch, echoed dots, twin blooms.

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