Tuesday, August 25, 2009

almost football time!

fall is seriously my favorite time of year. i love the weather and just the way i feel, like it brings back good memories that i can't pinpoint but that make me feel happy and excited and refreshed.

part of that happy feeling is football time! i went to georgia tech, and while we may not be the biggest football school in the middle of the SEC & ACC south, we still know how to have a good time.

i was going to make a treasury on etsy to celebrate the upcoming season, but since i can never snag one and they're so short-lived anyway, i have decided to make a little "my-favorites" blog!

so here they are, my pics for yellow jacket football season!

necklace by thesilverdog
(update: after looking at my own blog for a few minutes, i decided i could not live without the beautiful necklace above, so i bought it! but you can still check out her other awesome necklaces at her shop!)

tote by bebeandalice

bowtie by butteredtoast

clutch by girlbyaileen

jacket by joannagoanna

necklace by orangepoppy

scarf by beautifulbridget
makeup case by ruju

earrings by scorpienna

yay to all the awesome people who made all these super cute things!


  1. Great picks! I love those ruffle necklaces by orangepoppy! Thank you for including my enamel rose necklace, you are sweet!

  2. Thank you so much for including my scarf in this lovely collection!