Wednesday, November 9, 2011

dream home - pinterest style

Pinterest is so great.  I know I've sung its praises before, but it's just such a good organizing tool for all the inspiration you can get on the internet.  Plus I use it to find recipes, gifts, workouts, clothes, vacation ideas...
I pin a lot of ideas to specific rooms to keep my boards organized, but I also have a "Lovely Rooms" board that isn't what I'd put in a certain room in my house, but just because they're so pretty and I like to look at them and ooh and ahh over them.  So here are some beautiful rooms I've found via pinterest.

These first two pictures are all about my love of cabins.  They just make me feel so cozy and happy.  All the wood and the snow outside and the fireplace, makes me want to bundle up by the fire in my PJ's with a good book and some hot chocolate!
wood and stone cabin with picturesque snow and mountains outside
wood and stone winding staircase, candle chandelier in a cabin-style home
child's room, bunk bed spans entire length of wall, alcove with desk and chair underneath with curtains to close for privacy
Isn't the room above so cute? It looks like both kids sleep up top and they put two mattresses together to span the wall, then they have their secret alcove down below.  I would've loved this when I was little.

ultra modern dining room with black table and reflective shiny silver tin ceiling tile with texture
Isn't this dining room/kitchen awesome? Love the modern table and chairs, and OH MY! at that silver ceiling tile!

bedroom with wood beam headboard and tucked fabeic headboard with branches and driftwood style side table and bench
More of my wood/cabin love coming out.

window seat bay window in a dark teal room with yellow and chartreuse pillows
I'm a sucker for window seats.  More of my curling-up-with-a-good-book-and-hot-chocolate fantasies coming out.  I love the dark walls (they look almost teal) with the yellow/green chartreuse accents.  Not a huge fan of that mop on the floor, but look how awesome that chandelier is!

So, what do you guys think? I'd love for you to send me your pinterest links so I can see what you've been obsessing over!

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  1. Noelle,
    I love this picture! What is the ceiling made of? My boyfriend works with homeowners and designers and has a client who is looking to achieve this look. You can reach me at 770-241-7082, or Tom at 404-343-8374.

    Thank you,