Wednesday, December 28, 2011

what i got for christmas

i've gotta tell ya, having a wishlist really made this christmas great, because i got so many things i had been wanting for a long time.  a lot of them were even featured in my "what i want wednesday" posts.

Too bad I haven't really been able to enjoy any of my gifts, because I had my wisdom teeth out last Tuesday and I'm still in a lot of pain, and I learned the hard way that painkillers make me really sick.  I couldn't go to holiday festivities, I couldn't even get out of bed on Christmas morning, I opened my presents in bed.  I'm back at work today (begrudgingly - I was supposed to come back yesterday but couldn't) and still in a lot of pain, but my friend Aleve is helping me get through the day.  I do have one pretty funny picture of my super swollen cheeks, but I think we'll keep that one to ourselves.

from wireddesign on etsy
I got the ring I had been wanting for a while from my hubby, I love it!

found at

I got the Daily Fact Calendar that I shared in my last post!  It's pretty cool - it does take a lot of rubbing to get the fact to show up, but maybe i just have cold fingers?  from my mom-in-law

found on amazon
Got the Orla Kiely book from my mom-in-law, it's full of pretty pictures and how orla got started, so i'm excited to read it.

found here, but no longer in stock
I got the yellow Old Navy Peacoat I wanted from my grandma!

from zgallerie
 I got the Silver Nest Table Runner from Z Gallerie from my mom, love it!

I also got 6 (yes SIX) scarves between my bday and Christmas, so I think I'm all set on the scarf front.

I got boots from JCPenney that I wanted, but they ended up being too small and they didn't have them in stock anymore, so I got the money and got these Cathy Jean boots for $35 the day after Christmas:

from cathy jean
I also got this fabric design book, this toast-shaped egg mold thing, this sweater (it's not as long as it looks like on the girl, which is disappointing but it's still cute), this coffee maker (I ruined the surprise on this one and actually opened it a couple weeks early) and lots of other fun stuff!