Friday, January 6, 2012

fill in the blank friday!

1.   One of my favorite things to do when I have free time is     watch tv.  i'm sort of a tv junkie.  and my husband makes fun of me because basically all the shows i watch are about high schoolers.  anything on the cw or abc family.

2.   When I have free time I tend to    be lazy.  i tell myself i'm going to take care of all these things for my etsy shop or around the house, and i end up just doing nothing    .

3.  If I had an entire day completely to myself I would    get a vanilla latte and a bagel from einstein bros., peruse crate and barrel and z gallerie and west elm, and maybe catch a movie - yes, i'm perfectly fine with going to the movies alone, some people think that's weird but whatever   .

4.  I would prefer to spend my free time (alone or with others...)    i'm more of a loner.  i like hanging out with my hubby, but we have different views when it comes to relaxing - i love to go walk around shops, and he would be miserable - but we both love just sitting on the couch watching a movie on a Friday night - we don't go out much, but we do meet up with friends for dinner or trivia once a week   .

5.  Most of my free time happens    on the weekend.  i'm usually printing and packaging orders after work, or cooking or grocery shopping .

6.  The best thing about free time is    being able to relax  .

7.  The next time I have free time I should probably    clean up my office   but instead, I'll probably     watch my dvr'ed episode of revenge  .

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