Tuesday, August 16, 2011

busy busy bee

Whoo! It's been busy around here... I've been painting my basement (dark gray walls and yellow ceiling) and of course the yellow ceiling is taking For. ev. er.  Apparently there's something about a bright yellow pigment that makes you have to do 3+ coats to make it look really even.  And apparently painting is hazardous to my health because I've got a crick in my neck, a bum knee and a sore thigh.  I've been painting in lieu of working out this week, and my mom and I just started a new weightloss challenge, so I'm hoping painting is a calorie burner!

I've got a couple Priss Designs shop announcements:
1.  I've put my Gray Chevron with Yellow Bird print on sale through Dibsie for the next 5 days only, a site where you can find deals on a lot of your favorite brands, including j.crew, anthropologie, world market, bcbgeneration, and more!
Here's the link to my sale: http://dibsie.com/deal/2613

2. Also, I completely lost track of my 30 day art challenge, but here's Day 30ish - I just added an abstract pattern that I created that is based on a peacock feather.
Available in the shop!

I'll post some updated office remodel pics soon, I'm trying to get the painting done before I start really thinking about the next step, which will be building a desk.  I was really inspired by this desk made of reclaimed hardwood flooring that I saw on the hgtv blog:
Video on the HGTV blog
I was thinking I liked the angle of the desk, but after measuring and realizing I need a desk that is 11 feet wide and at least 26" deep, I'm thinking the angle won't really work for me... however, I really like the look of the hardwood floor top, and it may end up being cheaper than buying wood planks.

And don't worry, I'll be doing a lot of ana-white.com research to figure out a good plan of attack for the desk.  I love love love her and her site.  Oh and if anyone wants to buy me a present, I would like a kreg jig please!
OK I'll quit asking for handouts.  Have a good week!

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