Wednesday, August 10, 2011

what i want wednesday!

Today I've got a special edition of What I Want Wednesday, because I am planning an office makeover!  I could really use some advice, because I am planning on painting the walls of my office dark gray.  My dilemma is that my "office" is in the basement, and there is a wall of windows so I get some light, but it's generally pretty dark down there and I'm wondering if the dark walls are going to make everything gloomy and depressing.  My plan, however, is to counteract the darkness with YELLOW!  There is a tray ceiling and I plan to paint both the horizontal and vertical part of the tray ceiling a bright yellow, and also all the furniture will be white with pops of yellow everywhere.  What do you guys think?
Here is my inspiration board for the space:
Oh I forgot to mention my plan is to paint or draw silver trees on the wall directly behind the desk, I thought it would be a good idea to just draw the outlines in silver paint pen like this example, but with silver on a dark gray background:
via pinterest, from seecatecreate
So for my "what i wants" today, I'll be focusing on cute office accessories for my new office remodel!

Cute gray flower pattern paper/storage boxes from Container Store
Yellow striped and patterned notebooks from Target
Asterisk clock: DIY tutorial on curbly

Silver and yellow floor lamp from Target

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