Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Office Makeover Update! Yellow and Gray Awesomeness!

so, i am finally finished with the actual wall painting part of the project... dark gray-blue walls and bright yellow ceiling!  The pictures are looking a little more buttery yellow than sunshine yellow, but believe me, it's sunshiney!
yellow gray grey walls and ceiling office remodeling project ideas

yellow gray grey walls and ceiling office remodeling project ideas
And I have started on my DIY birch tree forest wall, I've done one coat of paint and it is nowhere near covering up the gray, so I probably should've invested in some primer, but at least each coat doesn't take too long with my little roller, so it shouldn't take too terribly long.  Here's my status:
wall birch tree painted forest DIY project
I'm taking pictures along the way, and I'll be back soon with a DIY painted wall tree tutorial.

I've also gotten a better idea of how I want the actual "office" part of my desk to look.  I was really inspired by this office I found on pinterest:
office white countertop green pattern curtains modern minimal
I love the clean modern look of the cabinet-inspired desk unit, and I started looking for countertops.  I want to build a custom drawer/cabinet/nook system to make sure all my paper/envelopes/supplies fit, so the hardest part was coming up with how to make a desktop.  I looked on a couple sites and was finding prices of over $100 for a 6 foot section of countertop, but then I found an Ikea countertop that is 8 feet long and only $39! The little problem is that 8 feet is a little too long to fit in/on top of my car, and no matter what you buy at ikea, it's $100 for them to ship it to you! I'll figure out something though.

I also decided I am finally going to get an Expedit shelving system from Ikea.  I've always wanted one, and I just kept waiting and waiting and the price kept going up and up, so at this point it's like $50 more than it was a couple years ago, and I'm sure it's not going down, so I'm just going to finally get one.

white ikea expedit 6x6 shelving system
I really loved the yellow interior of the shelves in my inspiration board for my office, so I started doing some research to see how easy/difficult it would be to paint the interior of the shelves, and I found ikeahackers.net, where people share their revamped Ikea furniture, and I found this post where a guy used contact vinyl on his shelves:
ikea hackers ikeahackers expedit unit painting interior vinyl shelves

I think it looks great and I'm looking into getting yellow vinyl on ebay.  I also really like the inserts for the Expedit system - there's one that's a door and one that has 2 drawers, but holy bejeezus those things are $35 each! Hello, you're IKEA!
Anyway, that's where I'm at right now in the office remodeling process.  I'm really excited with the vision I have in my head, and I'm hoping it's going to look as great in real life!

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