Wednesday, August 3, 2011

what i want wednesday! plus weekend update

well, i had a pretty eventful weekend.  i went to meet my mom about 2 hours away to give her the chihuahua bookbag for my niece, who started school monday.  i was about 60 miles away when my low gas alert popped up and said i had about 50 miles of gas left, and i figured those things give you an allowance of at least 10 miles anyway, so i hit ignore and kept on my merry way, thinking i would go to a gas station when i got closer.  By the time I knew I was close to being empty, I realized that the exits on the highway were few and far between, and I was not seeing any with gas stations.  I pulled out my tomtom and it said the nearest gas station was 5.1 miles away.  Well, i made it only 3 more miles before i died.  it was over 100 degrees outside, so i sat there with the windows down in my black car with the black leather seats, sweating my butt off, for over an hour while i waited for my mom to come bring me gas.  fast forward a couple days and my car wasn't starting right, so we had to take it in to the mechanic.  apparently running out of gas is bad for your car.  when the fuel injectors are injecting air into your engine, it's not good.  luckily, in my case, my battery had just run super low from me sitting there with the flashers on and trying to restart it a couple times to roll the windows down, but the lesson to be learned here is don't run out of gas if your car has fuel injection! (and most cars from the 90s forward do).  In high school, i had a 1964 nova, and the gas gauge did not work, when my car started sputtering a little bit, i would know i had to get to the gas station quick-like, and all i had to do was swerve back and forth to get the remaining gas to slosh around in the tank... haha can't you just imagine me swerving down the road like a crazy person?!

anyway, car is fixed, i learned my lesson (hopefully), and now we can get back to more important things!  like things i want! haha

#1 thing I want right now is FALL! get me out of this heat and into Halloween weather! My fave time of year!

Raindrop and umbrella wooden magnets from snugstudio on etsy.  so cute!
Did you guys see this really cool/easy tree wall on Design Star a couple weeks ago? I really want to attempt it.
Really cute wire "LOVE" letters.  From newivystyle on etsy.
This is a really cool chevron wooden pendant, but I think it would also be really cool as a large wooden wall art piece, maybe with wire or something.  Definitely a cool DIY idea.  This is by IbbyandRufus on etsy.

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