Friday, July 15, 2011

30 day art challenge: Day 4

update on my 30 day challenge: it's..... going.  that's about all i can say so far.  I did cut out some fabric for some pillows on wednesday, but last night, i just didn't feel like doing anything. the main reason for that is because i started re-reading the last harry potter book on monday in preparation for the movie.  yes, i am a harry potter dork, and a twilight fanatic. don't hate.  i am 608 pages in, which means only 151 pages to go before I go see the movie on sunday.  definitely gonna finish. 
so, i have missed one day of my challenge so far, well i guess technically this will be day 2 out of 4 of failing at my challenge, because i am going bowling tonight and will probably not be doing anything crafty.... BUT! tomorrow will be the craftiest day I have had in a while... like, since college.  my friend holly is making super awesome balancing wine racks for her bridesmaid gifts (her wedding's next weekend, yay!) and i'm helping!  she's got the wood, we borrowed a bandsaw, she's got the pattern printed out, we've pulled together supplies, and we're making these tomorrow!
Picture from etsy seller WondrousWorksinWood .... if we're lucky maybe ours will look as good as this!
So I say making a trip back to my woodworking days of college more than makes up for me being a little harry potter-obsessed this week.  I'll post a how-to and pics next week!  Have a good weekend everyone!

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