Friday, April 2, 2010

awesome installation art!

the internet has taken me on some crazy twists and turns this morning, and i felt the need to share this awesome video i found.
first i read an article that i think i found through aol that was about favorite websites that you can't live without, and I discovered StumbleUpon, which is a site where you can give it some things you're interested in & every time you click the "stumble!" button it gives you a new article based on what you told it you liked. then you can say if you liked that or not, and it'll refine your tastes every time, kinda like pandora does with your music stations!

so i'm "stumbling" through some art related sites & i get taken to this youtube video of installation artist Joshua Allen Harris. He uses plastic bags to create creatures that come to life when vents or fans blow air into them. check it out:

isn't that awesome? look at the guy petting the doggy:

OK, check out stumbleupon to see what you can stumbleupon!

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