Wednesday, June 29, 2011

new background

i'm playing around with my blog design today, because I found an awesome background generator called Japonizer that has some cool patterns and you can change the color and size to create a pretty background. of course this means i'll now have to update my header, but that was long overdue anyway, my entire shop needs a makeover.

I found Japonizer by going to the blog Pugly Pixel, which I found by reading my google reader post from oh my word. Pugly Pixel found it via @smashingmag's twitter feed, which has some good design resources and is worth following. i love days when i just get to surf the internet, finding interesting people and pretty things as i click along.

so which ones do y'all like?  i'm trying to keep them pretty neutral so they're not so busy.  plus i'm loving yellow and gray these days so i might do something with a gray background with yellow accents.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Noelle -- thank you so much for the link back & comment over at Oh My Word! I'd be happy to get your blog added into my blog roll (and can't wait to see how your design updates come along!)

    And on that note...depending on what your header will look like, I think I like the lighter options #2 and #5 the very best, but it really is hard to choose!