Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Mission

Hi out there in bloggerland! Long time no talk! There are going to be some changes around here… or so I hope.  So far I’ve been so sporadic in posting, and I am really going to try to change that.  This blog is entering a new phase, and hopefully, so is my life.  I am striving to make my business a thriving brand.  I want to try new things and really put myself out there and see how everything goes.   I began making art prints a little over a year ago and selling them on  It has actually taken off to some extent.  January 2011 was my biggest month to date, with sales totaling over $1200.  This was due mostly in part to a calendar I made that sold pretty well.  A calendar that I didn’t get into my shop until November, and that I am still getting sales from as of yesterday! I can’t believe people are still buying calendars in June, but I have no problems with it!  Since February, sales have dropped some, but they are definitely up from last year.  And all this has been due to basically no marketing on my part – I haven’t really blogged, I use twitter almost never, I made a facebook page but don’t really utilize it… pretty much the only thing I have been doing is renewing my listings daily on etsy.  

Going forward, I will be social media-ing with a purpose (you like what I did there? Haha. Yes I’m a dork).  I’m using a variety of inspiration sources for blog post ideas, and one of them is Tara Gentile’s 52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion.  She suggests having a “mission statement” to guide your blog, so here’s my first crack at it!  Priss This is my meeting place for friends and peers – where I connect with new people by showing them all about me – what I love, where I get my inspiration, my stories, my home, my studio, and where they can gain insight into my life and work!

So, I’ll be seeing you around… I hope not sporadically! (clueless reference, if you don’t get it I don’t think we can be friends!)

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