Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I Want Wednesday!

It's Wednesday, which means "what" and "want" make for some awesome alliteration, and I want to share some things that I've been coveting recently.
Turquoise Tea Towel Screen Printed Peacock Feathers MichelleBrusegaard Etsy
Feather Tea Towels from MichelleBrusegaard on Etsy.  I love the color!

iPad of Paper from becksorange on etsy
Pad of Paper shaped like an iPhone! from becksorange on etsy.  So creative.
Patterned Notebook in Scallops by inkwhimsy on etsy
Patterned Notebook in Scallops by inkwhimsy on etsy.  Only $5!
16 inch square throw pillow yellow sunshine grid print by wickedmint on etsy
Yellow grid-printed pillow from wickedmint on etsy.  Love the chair too! Read how she found it on the side of the road on her blog.
rain drop plywood coasters lasercut by bonni1982 on etsy
Rain Drop Coasters by Bonni1982 on etsy.  So cute!

Hope you guys are having a great week, our air conditioner is broken in my office, so we're sweating it out to avoid having to mingle with people in the other parts of the office that we may not be too fond of.  But on the upside, we get to wear tank tops to work!

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