Friday, July 22, 2011

30 Day Art Challenge: Day 10

Since I've started offering logo design packages again, I haven't had too much time after work to do much else, so maybe this wasn't the best time to start a 30 day challenge, but I haven't given up yet! I've been working on a bookbag for my niece Kirstin, who starts Kindergarten in August.  She is obsessed with chihuahuas, and my mom tried to find her a bookbag with a dog on it and just couldn't find anything cute, so I offered to make her one.  My mom got this blue backpack with hearts online at Land's End.
So, I purchased this chihuahua picture for $1 from ADreamersVision on etsy:
And I added a pink outline to the doggie and got it printed on fabric at an 8"x8" swatch only cost $5!

 Then I carefully cut around the pink line, and then painted fabric glue around the outside edges and adhered it to the backpack:
It's not actually attached in that picture, but you get it.  So now here are the steps I still have left:
1. Go around the perimeter of the dog and stitch the fabric down in a few places where it might easily peel up when a kindergartener starts throwing her bookbag around.
2. Bedazzle! I got some beads at Michael's, and I am going to make the doggie a little beaded necklace and put some jewels on her crown.
3. This is optional: I got some wood blocks to try wood block printing, and I really wanted to stamp some little bones in the section that doesn't have any hearts, but I think it might be overkill, so I'll see how I like it after I get the jewels on.

Update! I finally finished my niece's bookbag! Last night I stitched around the doggie, in the white space I left myself between the artwork and the pink border, and I stitched beads on as a necklace and bejeweled the crown.  I think she looks cute! Then, to keep the threads on the inside from getting caught on pencils and such, I used fabric glue to attach a piece of fabric to the inside of the pocket that covered all the loose threads, and hopefully that will keep the beads from getting loose and falling off also.

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