Tuesday, July 5, 2011

back to school, back to school

i have some exciting news to share! i'm going back to school! not REAL school, i guess, but taking web design classes. 

i know someone who now has a design business who learned web design through emory's continuing education program.  at the end of approximately 8 months, i should have a certificate in web design, and i think the track i'm going to specialize in is e-commerce.  with my background in selling on etsy, and knowing that i'd love to have my own shop and be able to design with my own aesthetic, i think i'd like to stick to the shop-side of web design, and help other people create their e-commerce sites. i also want to learn some wordpress and do some blog design.  final cost will be about $5000, which is a big chunk of change, but about $25,000 less than getting an associates degree in web design online.  it also means i will be going to class all day on saturdays for a while, but i can suck it up and deal.

and then i can work from home and make a cute little computer nook with birch trees! love it! via designsponge

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  1. The E-commerce program looks really cool!! And I definitely think it will be the most beneficial to you since you are already a designer! :) After you're done, you can teach me everything!! :)